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  • Google Loses Groovle Domain Name Dispute
  • InformationWeek - Antone Gonsalves - Dec 31, 2009
    Google has lost in its attempt to prevent a Canadian Website from using the domain name By Antone Gonsalves Google has lost in its attempt to ...

  • Google loses domain name dispute
  • - Shane Richmond - Dec 31, 2009
    Google has lost a domain name dispute against a Canadian company that runs a search engine called By Shane Richmond, Head of Technology...

  • Google loses Canadian Groovle domain name claim
  • BBC News - Dec 30, 2009
    A Canadian company behind a search engine called has won a case filed against it by online search giant Google. Google said the domain name used ...

  • Google slapped in domain name spat
  • Register - Dec 30, 2009
    Google is Google, and Groovle is Groovle - and as Rudyard Kipling might have put it, never the twain shall meet. In a decision dated December 24 but ...

  • Google loses domain name case
  • Bigmouthmedia News - Dec 31, 2009
    by Search Copywriter In a break from tradition, Google has lost a case it filed against a Canadian company using the domain name, ...

  • How to beat Google in a domain name dispute
  • Ars Technica - Nate Anderson - Dec 30, 2009
    Google wins domain name disputes almost every time, and it suffered its second loss ever on Christmas Eve. How "" avoided a one-way transfer to ...

  • Groovle vs Google
  • - Dec 30, 2009
    p2pnet news view | Advertising:- Apparently, the only one confused by Canada's Groovle is gargantuan US advertising company Google. Groovle isn't "owned, ...

  • Google Loses Domain Name Arbitration Over
  • Search Engine Watch (blog) - Dec 30, 2009
    Google thought it had a right to own, so it took it's case to the National Arbitration Forum (NAF). (The NAF is an international arbitration ...

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